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Serving Fly Anglers in Northeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin Arrowhead Fly Fishers

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The Arrowhead Fly Fishers is a Federation of Fly Fishers affiliate club.

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Local Fly Fishing Resources

Fly Shops

Superior Fly Angler, Superior, WI

Great Lakes Fly Shop, Duluth, MN



Fly By Night Guide Service

Len Anderson, 218.499.8051  troutmind@gmail.com



 IFFF Certified Casting Instructors

Len Anderson,  CCI   218.499.8051   troutmind@gmail.com

Paul Bartlam, CCI    218.390.0764    pbartlam@aol.com

Todd Heggestad, CCI    218.310.9182     theggestad57@gmail.com

Katherine Lansing, CCI    218.310.0855    naturegirl669@gmail.com

Northwoods Adventures Fly Fishing, LLC

Larry Zelenz, CCI    507.382.7793    northcountryguide@gmail.com




Rod Builders

Phil Johnson, Bamboo rod builder     discophil61@gmail.com



Fly Tying

Todd Heggestad    218.310.9182     theggestad57@gmail.com




Todd Heggestad    218.310.9182     theggestad57@gmail.com



Net Builders






Boat Builders



 If you would like to be added to this resource list, please contact the AFF and your information may be included, depending on your involvement with the organization.

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